Word Up! Charades Style Party Game

Word Up! Chardes Style Party Game

Word Up Is an exciting group game to play with friends or at a party!

It’s reverse charades with a difference, pick between 3 different ways of playing and over 75 categories!

>Over 75 Categories & 2000 Words to play with
>Team Play – Play with up to 4 teams and 5 rounds
>Tilt up to Pass, Tilt down for correct
>Play by using Gestures, Clues or Drawing!

This game is packed with thousands of words and includes all your favourite categories plus some whacky ones to keep the fun going!

Example Categories:

-Viral Videos
-60’s,70’s,80’s,90’s,00’s Music Hits
-Superhero Movies
-Actions (rowing a boat, slam dunk etc)
-Netflix Original Series

Plus SO MUCH MORE and more added with each update!

Don’t wait, download the best charades game out there now!

Word Up! is now available for iOS and Android !

Click the links below to download

                                                                                                       Dictator Drinking Game on IOSDictator on Android Play