Have You Ever – Party Game

Have You Ever Game

Do you want to take your party to the next? With the ‘Have You Ever’ game, things are going to get super interesting.
This classic drinking game is a must have for parties or events, maybe even with your parents if you’re brave!

We’ve broken it down into categories and hand selected the best ‘Have You Ever’ questions out there to get your party started and lips talking.
Choose from 7 different questions depending on your vibe, turn on the naughty questions to spice up the game!

Find out some secrets about your friends that you didn’t know before

This classic game is easy to play, you just need to grab some shot glasses and take turns passing around the phone and reading out your question – If you’ve done what the question asks then you have to drink!

The more people the more fun you can have, what will you find out??

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● Pick from 7 categories of questions or mix and match
● The PERFECT DRINKING GAME for any party!
● Perfect for couples or big groups
● Have You Ever? is easy to play

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Available on iOS and Android

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