Dictator Drinking Game

Dictator has been released!

 Dictator – A Drinking Game

‘Dictator’ is our brand new drinking game that you and your friends won’t be able to stop talking about!

It’s an easy drinking game to play with no difficult rules to learn, you simply enter your names and the app takes care of the rest!

You and your friends have been kidnapped by an evil Dictator who demands that you follow their every instruction and they want you to get DRUNK!

With over 200 tasks, questions and challenges. If you are fans of Kings Cup, Ring of Fire, Never Have I Ever or even Truth or Dare then this will game will guarantee you an evening of fun!

The app contains zero ads as we really want to create a great user experience for everyone. You’ll get 20 tasks on the free version but you can upgrade to the full version to keep the party going!

We’ve got lots of updates and more tasks to come but we’d love to hear any feedback or suggestions you have!

Dictator is now available for iOS and Android !

Click the links below to download

                                                                                                       Dictator Drinking Game on IOSDictator on Android Play

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